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  China-Europe Corporate Legal Consulting Firm  

One-Stop Shop Corporate Legal Service @ Jomec

Jomec China-Europe Corporate Legal Consulting, located in Rotterdam, specializes in offering investors comprehensive cross-border investment and M&A consulting, along with corporate compliance for overseas operations. Through our extensive pan-European lawyer network, we tailor effective cross-border legal solutions, addressing business compliance, dispute resolution, and facilitating cross-cultural communication. Our commitment is to ensure clients always receive optimal legal protection for sustained business success.

Why Choose Jomec

Jomec specializes in corporate legal practice, dedicate to help clients formulate development strategy plans in an effective and compliant manner, anticipate and mitigate risks in pre- and post-investment management, develop effective compliance strategies, and optimize their business interests to the fullest.
  • Long-term experience in legal advisory for cross-border business between China and Europe
  • The fusion of legal and business expertise in our DNA
  • Extensive network with governments and non-goverment associations in Europe and China
  • A diverse team of experts of multi-language with extensive commercial legal practice
  • Headquartered in “the Gateway to Europe”
  • Fair service pricing and flexible mode of cooperation

Our Practice Areas

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  Cross-border M&A  

Jomec advised a Chinese buyer on the acquisition of a American hotel chain in Leiden

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