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With our diversified team and international perspective, Jomec has successfully completed numerous cross-border investment and M&A projects for clients from China and Europe, and provided clients with a large number of efficient and stable localized compliance support for their overseas operations for over twenty years.

More than a traditional law firm

Jomec VS traditional law firms

One-Stop Professional Services.png

One-Stop Professional Services

In addition to providing professional legal services, Jomec is committed to being a strategic partner in our clients' cross-border operations. Our team of business lawyers can flexibly apply various legal rules, rather than mechanically responding to legal inquiries. At Jomec, we always prioritize our clients' business interests and tailor one-stop solutions to your specific needs.

Holistic Strategic Consulting.png

Allround Business Cycle Support

We not only provides effective support when issues arise but also actively participates in the preliminary research and post-management phases of our clients' business. Choose Jomec for a legal partner that effectively navigates Sino-European cross-border challenges, maximizing benefits and minimizing risks throughout your business cycle.

Pre and Post-Engagement Support.png

Not Only Legal Advisory

Unlike traditional law firms that focus on individual cases, Jomec takes a broader perspective, concentrating on our clients' overall business and commercial interests. We proactively provide strategic planning and recommendations, anticipate potential compliance risks, and offer forward-looking business insights, ensuring sustainable success in the cross-border markets of Europe and China.

Cost-Effective Service Fees.png

Cost-Effective Service Fees

Jomec consistently maintains a commitment to providing cost-effective corporate legal services to our clients and we strive to uphold efficiency and transparency while delivering high-quality services. Our ongoing goal is to ensure that clients receive exceptional value in corporate legal support throughout their cross-border operations.

Our Practice Areas

Our team of experienced professionals possesses deep expertise and knowledge in both practice areas, enabling us to deliver effective and innovative solutions to our clients.

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