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Overseas Business Compliance

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In the area of cross-border business compliance, the work of specialized legal counsel is crucial for clients engaged in cross-border business in China and Europe. This is particularly critical for localized operations, as adhering to compliance requirements locally not only contributes to building a positive reputation but also enhances competitiveness in the local market.

In these two regions with complex regulatory environments, Jomec's professional services become an indispensable partner for businesses in the compliance domain. In Europe, where different member states of the EU have distinct legal systems and face unique challenges in cross-border trade, compliance is especially vital. Jomec, through an understanding of regulations and legal requirements across European countries, provides targeted compliance services to ensure clients' business operations in the European market adhere to various national regulations, mitigating legal disputes. Compliance is equally essential for European businesses operating in China, considering the potential disparities in China's regulatory system and business environment compared to European countries. Jomec's experienced legal team, through an in-depth understanding of EU and Chinese legal regulations, tax policies, employment regulations, and more, offers precise compliance advice, ensuring lawful operations at every location. Jomec's professional services in cross-border operational compliance in China and Europe provide clients with secure, legal, and efficient support within the complex regulatory environment.

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Company Set up and Governance Services

•    Establishing and registering B.V. and N.V. companies in the Netherlands
•    Establishing and registering companies in other European countries
•    Assisting clients in opening bank accounts
•    Designing and establishing corporate governance structures, including board composition and decision-making procedures
•    Formulating company bylaw and internal management regulations
•    Providing legal advice on shareholder rights and obligations

Legal Counsel Services

•    Drafting and reviewing daily operational business contracts
•    Drafting and reviewing agreements related to equity transfers
•    Internal legal training on specific topics
•    Other legal services during the company establishment, operation, and closure periods

Tax Compliance Services

Offering consultations on tax regulations in China and Europe to ensure clients' cross-border business operates in compliance with tax regulations. This includes tax compliance and planning, IPO and other financing tax advice, tax due diligence, executive and employee incentive tax planning, and other tax-related advice in specific industries.

Intellectual Property Compliance

Providing compliance advice on intellectual property regulations in China and Europe to help clients protect their intellectual property. Services include assisting in trademark registration with institutions such as the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), intellectual property due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, licensing and transactions, intellectual property strategy consulting, intellectual property portfolio management and system construction, advising on civil litigation related to intellectual property infringement, and other intellectual property-related services.

Employment and Labor Compliance

Jomec's experienced labor lawyers provide daily consultations on labor laws in different jurisdictions. They offer solutions for local recruitment, cross-border secondment, management of foreign employees, various termination scenarios, compensation schemes, social insurance, equity incentives, overtime pay, non-competition agreements, protection of intellectual property and trade secrets, employee training and service periods, work-related injuries and occupational diseases, medical leave, and other personnel issues.

We also provide advice on all labor-related issues: issuing labor-related due diligence reports, conducting employment risk analysis, designing compensation schemes and action plans, addressing labor law-related issues arising in major projects, drafting all legal documents related to labor relations, assisting in negotiations and consultations with employees, and communicating with unions and government departments.

Data Privacy and Security Compliance

Jomec assists clients in complying with data privacy regulations in China and Europe, ensuring data security compliance. This includes conducting GDPR compliance assessments, drafting and reviewing privacy policies, drafting and reviewing data processing contracts, providing Data Protection Officer (DPO) services, and representing clients in communication with regulatory authorities.

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