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About Us

Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Jomec China-Europe Corporate Legal Consulting Firm offers comprehensive cross-border investment, especially M&A advisory, and legal support for overseas business operations. Utilizing a pan-European lawyer network, we tailor legal solutions to our clients' development strategies.

Jomec Merits

Long-Term Experience in Legal Advisory for Cross-Border Business between China and Europe

With over 20 years of experience in bilateral investments and M&A between Europe and China, and compliance support for overseas operations, Jomec excels in providing highly effective comprehensive solutions. Our wealth of expertise ensures top-tier legal support and a deep understanding of complex commercial scenarios.

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The Fusion of Legal and Business Expertise in Our DNA

Jomec’s DNA is built on the agile use of legal tools to drive our clients' business goals. We're more than just a legal consultancy; we're your strategic business partner. Our commitment is to provide clients with a comprehensive perspective, guiding them in informed decision-making and harmonizing legal compliance with business success.

Extensive Network with Governments and Non-Goverment Associations in Europe and China

Jomec has cultivated productive relationships with government representatives across Europe, China, and various business associations in both regions. These connections empower us to offer valuable policy insights and essential business resources. When needed, our effective communication with government authorities safeguards our clients' business interests.

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A Diverse Team of Experts of Multi-Language with Extensive Commercial Legal Practice

Jomec has a team of professionals with a wide range of legal and finance knowledge and experience across languages, geographies and cultural backgrounds. Jomec Pan-European Lawyer Network is constantly expanding the number of specialized lawyers in China and Europe to ensure that our clients receive high-quality one-stop legal services in cross-border business.

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Headquartered in “the Gateway to Europe” 

Based in the Netherlands, a European cross-border investment hotspot,  which occupies a strategically significant geographical location that has earned it the name “the Gateway to Europe”, Jomec has established tight business networks, providing clients with more business opportunities and potential partnerships. 

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Fair service pricing and flexible mode of cooperation

Client-centricity is at the core of Jomec approach. We offer fair service pricing and flexible fee structures, particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SEMs) with limited international experience. We strive to lower the legal costs of our clients' cross-border operations while ensuring that each client receives high-quality corporate legal support.

Jomec Roles
Agent + Expert

If you are well-prepared for cross-border operations but lack local staff in Europe for tasks such as dealing with the Kamer van Koophandel (KVK, the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands) for company registration or any local banks or financial institutions on opening/maintaining corporate bank accounts, Jomec can act as your agent. When you face specific issues requiring professional corporate legal support, such as corporate governance structure planning or fullfillment in the European REACH registration process, Jomec can serve as your expert.

In essence, whether in the capacity of an 'agent' or an 'expert', Jomec's core mission is to empower your business to effectively navigate the diverse challenges inherent in cross-border operations.

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Reaching a Deal
Jomec Service Territory
  • the Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Czekh
  • Hungary
Jomec Pan-European Lawyer Network
  • the Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Belgium

Message from the Founder

The Jomec Group has grown considerably since 2003. In 2007 our subsidiary Jomec International Lawyers was awarded the Dutch Golden Hourglass Award for Best Specialized Law Firm, and in 2013 we transformed our business into China-European investment and M&A management. This year, we established China-Europe Corporate Legal Consulting Firm in order to follow the trend of economic development in China and Europe and to emphasize the intrinsic value of Jomec.


As Sino-European economic integration deepens, the need for professional, comprehensive, and sustained multinational corporate legal support becomes paramount due to evolving bilateral laws and policies. Jomec addresses the pitfalls in China-Europe business relations caused by the lack of effective legal support transcending cultural divides.


Our seasoned team with dual cultural backgrounds excels in international strategies, leveraging diverse legal systems to ensure effective operations and risk mitigation. We approach problem-solving from the client's perspective, akin to healthcare professionals ensuring daily corporate maintenance, risk prevention, and long-term strategic formulation.


Jomec's services not only guide overseas startups onto the right track but also provide a reliable escort for companies expanding in Europe, promptly addressing unforeseen incidents and issues. Clients can focus on business development worry-free, ensuring a seamless journey for their ventures.

By Yufang Guo
Founder and Chairman of Jomec
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