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Cross-Border M&A

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In addressing the practical demands of cross-border investment and M&A between China and Europe, Jomec goes beyond traditional legal services, placing a strong emphasis on understanding and resolving the unique challenges faced by our clients in this field. Armed with specialized legal and fiscal expertise and flexible business insights, we assist clients in formulating practical strategies to navigate the increasingly complex transaction environment between China and Europe. Our commitment extends beyond comprehensive legal support; we also focus on the strategic aspects of business, encompassing market trends, regulatory changes, and cultural differences.

With a profound understanding of the legal systems in both China and Europe and adept coordination of dual regulatory differences, we facilitate our clients' investments to proceed smoothly within legal frameworks. Overall, we offer highly professional legal services, profound business comprehension, and a global perspective, catering to the practical needs of clients engaged in cross-border investment and M&A between China and Europe. 

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The specific services we provide in cross-border investment and mergers & acquisitions include: 


  • Target Company Collection and Screening Services: Assist clients in collecting and screening target companies in the China-Europe target region based on their needs.

  • Business Environment and Legal Compliance Consultation: Provide comprehensive consultation on the general business environment and legal regulations in the country/region where the target company is located.

  • Investment Strategy Formulation and Guidance: Offer clients strategic consultancy for cross-border investment and mergers & acquisitions between China and Europe. This includes market trend analysis, competitor assessment, and investment return forecasts, aiding clients in formulating comprehensive and effective investment strategies.

  • Legal Due Diligence Services: Conduct thorough legal due diligence on target companies or assets, assessing and controlling potential legal risks.

  • Investment and Financing Arrangement and Structural Analysis: Analyze various investment and financing arrangements and structures, providing advice on investment frameworks.

  • Drafting and Review of Legal Documents: Draft, review, and modify legal documents at various stages of cross-border transactions. Provide analysis, review, and opinions on documents drafted by the transaction counterparty.

  • Legal and Business Negotiation Consultation: Participate in legal and business negotiations in cross-border transactions, offering consultancy on negotiation strategies and solutions to legal and business issues involved.

  • Project Delivery and Integration Support: Assist in the delivery of China-Europe cross-border investment and mergers & acquisitions projects, as well as the post-delivery integration process.

  • Other Cross-Border Investment Legal Services: Provide legal services for other overseas investment matters including tax, foreign exchange, compliance, environment, real estate, intellectual property, labor, antitrust, etc. or specific requirements from the client, ensuring comprehensive legal support.

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