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The Strategy and Operations of Global Technology M&A - Public Speaking by President Yufang Guo

29th May 2014, President of Jomec and Managing Partner of Clairfield International (China), Mr. Yufang Guo was invited to attend the seminar in Daqing and gave a thematic speech. Yufang Guo was the only foreign guest invited by Daqing to speak at their seminar, with local think tanks to discuss the city’s development strategy, in which globalization is a key theme. His speech topic is “The Strategy and Operations of Global Technology M&A”.

It is pointed in the speech by Yufang Guo that, in the past thirty years, China is taking a bigger role in the international market evidently. At present, on the one hand, products made in China have been found everywhere; on the other hand, China has the world’s largest foreign currency reserve nowadays. To European countries, there have been great changes in the image of China, and it has also resulted in a new international market structure. By analyzing the whole world market, we think that the world economy consists of two aspects: the first is the globalization of China economy, and the second is the sinicization of global economy. Any multinational companies who want to keep the market position, it is not possible for them to ignore the China market. At the same time, all multinational companies and companies from western countries who want to keep the market position must aim at China markets. In this sense, Yufang Guo proposed several suggestions during the speech, for China, Chinese companies as well as Chinese institutions such as regional high-tech zones regarding the actions they can take for this economic trend.


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