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The Successful Acquisition of Holiday Inn Leiden

Jomec International, as the financial advisor of the Chinese investor, successfully assisted the client in acquisition of Holiday Inn Leiden (a four-star hotel in the Netherlands). Jomec International has rendered a full set of buyer-side advisory service, including project investigation, valuation, offer drafting, negotiation etc, until the close of the transaction.

Holiday Inn Leiden has been standing by the city Leiden since 1968, as the first hotel in the Europe under the name of “Holiday Inn”. The acquisition cover the Holiday Inn Leiden property, Leiden Convention Center and the access to the land in the surrounding areas. This will be the first footprint of the Chinese investor in Europe. Considering the complementarity in the advantages between hospitality and the Chinese investor’s own business, the Chinese investor has the confidence to inject fresh blood in to the historical hotel, and boot the revenue and profitability of the hotel.

“With the globalization trend of Chinese economy, an increasing number of Chinese enterprises began to seek high-grade assets with a global horizon. Although Chinese foreign exchange policy is becoming more stringent, the global M&A trend will not change fundamentally, the successful acquisition of Holiday Inn Leiden is a very good example. Under this context, we will continue to deliver the best outcomes for our clients through our extensive experience in China-related deals”

Said by the head of Jomec International Mr. Yufang Guo.


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