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Cross-Border Collaborations in Agriculture: Sino-Dutch Business Seminar Explores Opportunities

On November 28, 2019, the Sino Dutch Business Development Seminar jointly organized by the Confucius Institute of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Saxion University of Technology was held in Groningen’s well-known sensor application research and development center ID3AS. The seminar is divided into three sections: Male Grooming, Elderly care & Domotics, and Agricultural opportunities in China.

Well-known universities from the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom (such as Wageningen University & Research) and more than 30 business representatives (such as Philips) participated in the seminar. The chairman of Jomec investment, Mr. Yufang Guo was also invited and gave a wonderful speech in the Chinese agricultural business opportunity section. He gave a detailed introduction on the Sino Dutch Smart City Agriculture Project and proposed various feasible business plans and opportunities for future development. Participating companies and representatives listened carefully to Mr. Yufang Guo’s introduction to the project. The heated discussion of this project lasted for nearly two hours.

Sino Dutch Smart City Agriculture Project aims to introduce the advanced Dutch smart agriculture technology and the modern concepts of urban agriculture to the Chinese metropolis. With the help of Dutch advanced and mature high-tech greenhouse technology, each Chinese household in metropolis are able to have their customized greenhouse on the balcony. The plan is to build a fully automated and intelligent self-sufficient vegetable or fruit greenhouse on the balcony in the modern cities in China. In this regard, well-known agrictural experts in the industry gave constructive suggestions, and everyone agreed that the landing of this project has great feasibility and many possibilities for future development. They highly recognized that this project is leading the dutch high-tech urban farming to enter into China.

After the seminar, many participating experts took the initiative to have a more in-depth discussion with Mr. Yufang Guo on the Sino Dutch city smart agriculture project. At the same time, Mr. Yufang Guo also warmly invited the participating enterprises and representatives to participate the Chinese Tourism Development Conference in June, 2020. Several representatives of participating enterprises immediately signed up and showed great interests. In addition, during the business matching session of the seminar, both Mr. Yufang Guo and the project experts and operating companies of the Dutch smart agriculture landing in East Germany expressed their intentions for future cooperation and development.


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