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Jomec Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Yangpu Technology Business Incubator

Jomec, as the exclusive managing partner of China business of Clairfield International, represented Clairfield International and signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Yangpu Technology Business Incubator (hereinafter referred to as “Yangpu”) in Shanghai on 27 October 2014. The Chairman of Jomec, Mr. Yufang Guo and the General Manager of Yangpu, Mr. Jihua Xie, on behalf of the two sides attended the signing ceremony, under the witness of Mrs. Lilianne Ploumen, the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

Shanghai Yangpu Technology Business Incubator, founded in 1997, is a National High-Tech Innovation Service Center, SME Public Service Platform, honored as Shanghai technical innovation enterprise, Shanghai Civilized Unit. As one of the leading business incubator in China, Yangpu has a unique channel for enterprises’ long-term development. In order for enterprises to survive, Yangpu provides a series of services for the entrepreneur, including entrepreneurship mentor advising, market expanding service, financing service, human resources service, project declaration service, professional academy assistance, and promoting enterprise in global scope so on so forth. In addition, Yangpu often participates in innovative competitive to encourage entrepreneurs.

Through the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, Clairfield International and Yangpu have become important business partners, and the joint force is going to conduct cooperation in the international technology incubation, M&A and broader areas. Both parties will share clients and information, and enter into the collaboration in the specific fields including cross-border technology transfer and M&A, M&A financing, overseas IPO, interim management, international assets/equity trading platform, financial services training, etc.


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