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Case Study about Post-Investment Management

One of Jomec’s classic cases is providing M&A and post-investment management services for an acquisition on Dutch medium-sized customized precision machinery processing enterprise with a 35-year history.

The market share of the target company was shrinking due to the macroeconomic and industry recession. On the other hand, the company’s labor cost planning is unreasonable, which lead to high operating costs.

Investment Management

The allocate resources and optimize the formation of the value-added market has always been our investment principles. After the analyzation on company’s financial statements, operating conditions, asset structure, and management team, we chose the best time for bargain-hunting.

After negotiations with the shareholders of the target company, we eventually acquired 100% shares of the company with a low bid, and gradually optimize the business management.

First of all, we deal with the issue of redundancy at a low cost. The salaries saved are used to pay off bank loans owed by the company.

In addition, we obtained purchase orders from Dutch and German enterprises through the network of our subordinate.

The Company acquired another Dutch precision manufacturing group through bank leverage and created one of the precision manufacturing giants in the Netherlands. Currently, the company’s turnover is about 100 million euros.

Future Outlook

We acquired a Dutch advanced water treatment company in 2015, and established a Dutch environmental technology group through reorganization.

We completed a number of business orders with each approximately ten million euro. We have also been invited to participate in a delegation to investigate and discuss the PPP projects regarding chemical plant pollution abatement in 2017 by the government of Hebei Province.

We sincerely hope like-minded investors to join us and jointly develop the Chinese environmental protection market. If you are interested in this, please contact us.


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