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Jomec Holds the Global M&A Forum and Series of Events At CIFIT

Jomec, as the exclusive partner of China business of Clairfield International, together with its international partners from across Europe and Australia, took a starring role at the China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT), China’s largest investment fair. The fair took place in Xiamen on September 8th-10th and during those three days, Clairfield was the protagonist of several events.


Clairfield events included an M&A forum, participation in country panels, investor matchmaking, a seminar, and a reception, in addition to a permanent booth. With over 60,000 attendees including corporations, government representatives, and investors, and a theme of “going global”, CIFIT was the ideal launching pad for Clairfield partners to connect with cash-rich Chinese companies that are interested in investing in Europe and elsewhere.

Mr. Guo, Chairman of Jomec and managing partner of Clairfield China, believes that China is at a watershed moment. “At this moment in history, China’s economy is becoming globalized while the global economy is becoming focused on China,” says Mr. Guo.“ The current strategic task of Chinese companies is to acquire essential technologies and internationalize their brand names as well as lift their management to a world level through M&A.”


After the conference in Xiamen, Clairfield delegation went on the road to Shanghai for meetings with business and government leaders. Clairfield hosted a symposium with high-ranking executives of funds, industrial corporations, and investment banks. The Clairfield delegation visited Shanghai’s Chamber of International Commerce and met with several of its member companies. Clairfield also visited Great Wall Asset Management, one of the largest state-owned financial institutions in China. Clairfield was recently selected as an exclusive partner of Great Wall to promote Chinese outbound investment and M&A.

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