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Jomec Hosts Hebei Province's Trade And Investment Delegation Visit to the Netherlands

Jomec Investment M&A Group, as the commercial agent of Hebei Commerce Department in the Netherlands, welcomed a five-member Hebei Provincial Economic and Trade Investment Promotion Team to visit Netherlands, and successfully held a series of business inspections and project matching activities in early September 2019. The delegation team consists of Qian Jiang, director of the Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce; Zhang Yingjie, director of Zhangjiakou Commerce Bureau; Chen Zhihong, deputy director of Cangzhou Commerce Bureau; Chu Lugong, the Deputy Director of Xingtai City Commerce; and Li Xiaobing from the Provincial Department of Commerce and Promotion.

First of all, Jomec Group and Hebei Provincial Economic and Trade Investment Promotion Delegation discussed the recent business activities, and invited the participating Jomec Group’s partners Clifton Investment Bank of the Netherlands and Lawslinked International Law Firm to explore business opportunities between Hebei and the Netherlands. The former two-way investment M&A and specific projects were thoroughly exchanged and discussed. The parties focused on the introduction of aviation economic industries, China-Europe trains, high-tech agriculture, environmental protection industries, etc. to Hebei. The in-depth discussions on the specific issues reached a series of consensus. These projects are closely organized by Jomec Group with the Provincial Department of Commerce and the three city bureaus of commerce to follow up. After the meeting, Jomec and the Hebei-China Business Company accompanied the Hebei Provincial Economic and Trade Investment Promotion Delegation to visit the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands. Counselor Zhang Guosheng welcomed the delegation. The Hebei delegation communicated with the Commerce Office on the project of constructing a Sino-Europe train station in Venlo. The embassy expressed its willingness to help Hebei to develop the project and to promote the close cooperation between Dutch and Hebei enterprises.

Jomec Group also accompanied the Hebei Provincial Economic and Trade Investment Promotion Delegation to visit the friendly province of Hebei Province, South Holland. Several institutions and companies including the Dutch Innovation Centre, Drake Logistics & Transport Group, and human resources management and law firms attended the meeting. Jomec Group assisted the delegation in fruitful business docking exchanges with the province of South Holland and participating enterprises.

In addition, the Hebei Provincial Economic and Trade Investment Promotion Delegation accompanied by Jomec Group inspected the product exhibition center of Europe’s largest sustainable building materials technology. They reached an agreement with the center to set up a division center in Hebei and  realized the initial intention of mutual benefit and win-win situation on the combination with the technology of the center’s high-tech enterprises and Hebei’s strong production capacity. At the same time, the delegation and the leading high-tech company of graphite series heating systems in the Netherlands, Kabernik, had an in-depth information exchange. The two sides believed that Zhangjiakou was the best entry point for the company and its products to land in China.

In the end, Jomec Group arranged a visit to Rotterdam which has the largest port in Europe. This is one of the largest petrochemical clusters in Europe and one of the largest value-added logistics bonded areas in the world. The Port of Rotterdam can become an overseas warehouse for Hebei’s trade with Europe and an overseas processing and assembly base for exporting to Europe. It is an excellent candidate for the establishment of the Belt and Road European Business Post in Hebei Province. At this point, Jomec Group successfully concluded the reception of the Hebei Economic and Trade Investment Promotion Delegation and started the journey to a new stage of cooperation between all parties.


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