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“Jomec 2023 China-Europe Corporate Law Conference” Concludes Successfully in Amsterdam

Last Friday, Jomec successfully organized the China-Europe Corporate Law Conference 2023 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This was the first major event for Jomec since it was upgraded to a China-Europe corporate law firm. The main objective of the conference was to deepen clients' understanding of company formation and compliance operations, and also to strengthen the ties between clients and their partner lawyers across Europe.

During the conference, five European partner lawyers from the Jomec Pan-European Lawyer Network gave engaging presentations covering key aspects of national corporate law, including different types of legal entities, prerequisites for company formation, incorporation procedures, and related aspects of corporate governance. The five speakers were Glenn Haulussy from the Netherlands, Lourdes Guivernau Aguadé from Spain, Roman Jüngling from Germany, Roberto Nicolini from Italy, and Yadhira STOYANOVITC from France.

Finally, Mr. Guo Yufang, Chairman of Jomec, briefly introduced the development of Jomec in light of the current international situation and Sino-European relations, and emphasized the key points to be grasped and paid attention to in the process of participating in cross-border investment and M&A, as well as in overseas operation from the classic cases in the past.

The meeting attracted many local Chinese business leaders and business representatives, who actively discussed the legal matters involved in their daily operation, and the meeting was full of warm discussion atmosphere.

In the future, Jomec hopes to continue to organize more offline meetings with diversied topics to further strengthen the connection between cooperative lawyers and Jomo's clients all over Europe, so as to provide better services to our clients.


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