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Chengdu-Dutch Village Project Matching Meeting in Leiden

On 25th Jan 2018, Jomec group and Baifang Agriculture jointly held the Chengdu Dutch Village Match-making Meeting in Holiday Inn Leiden. During the meeting, the participating companies from China and the Netherlands have reached initial agreement on the cooperation. China Dutch the B&R development center is the co-organizer of this event.

Besides the organizer Jomec and Baifang Agriculture; co-organizer China Dutch the B&R development center, many Dutch agriculture technologies companies (e.g. Rijk Zwaan, Delphy, Urban Farmers, Floating Farm, Niek Roozen design), research institutions (Wageningen UR), official organizations (Chinese embassy, Dutch Innovation Quarter etc.) also attend the meeting. Parties had in-depth discussion on the action paths and other project details.

Chengdu Dutch Agriculture Village project is devoted to the introduction of agriculture technologies. Under the context of “the belt and road” initiative, the project operator and local government mainly focus on the European leading agriculture country, the Netherlands; and wish to land Dutch agriculture project in Chengdu and establish a world-class agriculture technology and agro-product demonstration center, agriculture technological research center and trading center in Chengdu via the favorable policies and government support. The project operator hopes to cooperator with Dutch partners in the following five domains:

  1. Agriculture technologies: introduce advanced horticulture design, greenhouse technologies, seeding technologies, agriculture machine technologies to the project;

  2. Introduce the agriculture research center and technology incubators; cooperate with Wageningen University in terms of agriculture R&D;

  3. Introduce Dutch agriculture cooperative and agro-food auction system; establish Dutch-Sino agriculture industrial association to facilitate the cooperation;

  4. In-depth cooperation in green agriculture and agriculture tourism etc;

  5. Cooperation in agriculture financing and investment;

After this meeting, parties have reached initial agreement on cooperation. The project will be financially supported by Chinese parties and technologically backed by Dutch parties. The project will achieve substantial fruits in the second half of 2018.


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