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Brand Acquisition Exploration: Jomec Accompanied the Client to 2024 Ambiente Exhibition in Frankfurt

The Ambiente, held annually in Frankfurt, Germany, serves as a compass for the consumer goods industry, making it an indispensable event for global consumer goods companies. The 2024 edition of the fair took place from January 26th to 30th at Messe Frankfurt, where designers and industry professionals gathered to explore the latest design trends, innovations, and concepts in the global consumer goods arena. This event, themed around sustainable development, lifestyle and design, new work, future retail, and the digital expansion of trade, showcased hundreds of items including tableware, glassware, paper products, kitchenware, office supplies, hotel amenities, interior design, and home decor, aiming to discuss new trends and opportunities in the post-pandemic consumer goods market. Manufacturers, distributors, and brand operators from around the world were drawn to this exhibition.

Accompanying our domestic clients in the smart manufacturing industry, Jomec participated in the event to assist them in exploring the latest industry trends and seeking international brand acquisition opportunities. As a corporate law firm specializing in providing comprehensive cross-border investment and merger and acquisition consulting, as well as overseas operational compliance support to investors, Jomec's professional team possesses extensive practical experience in market research, target selection, and initial contact with targets in the field of cross-border investment and mergers and acquisitions. With a precise understanding of our client's needs, we identified matching target brands, created a customized target shortlist, and accompanied them throughout the event, eliminating cross-cultural and language barriers.

Located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Jomec is committed to providing outstanding cross-border corporate legal services to our clients. We invite clients from all sectors to choose Jomec as your cross-border legal partner, as we explore business opportunities together and create a brilliant future!

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