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Jomec's Global Investment Promotion in Germany Boosts Langfang Aviation Collaboration

From November 19th to 25th, 2019, Jomec Group arranged a series of investment and project match-making activities during the Langfang Aviation Economic Zone Delegation team’s visit in Germany and France, and accurately introduced the delegation team to the world. Besides, Langfang delegation team invites worldwide merchants to join the “5 · 18” Economic Fair of Langfang in 2020.

The Global (Germany) Investment Promotion Conference of Langfang Aviation Economic Zone organized by Jomec Group and hosted by the Chairman Mr. Yufang Guo was successfully held in Cologne, Germany on November 20. With its unique influence and well-known brandname in the industry, Jomec Group invited more than 20 leading aviation entrepreneurs from well-known business associations from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and other countries to participate in the conference.

During the conference, the Langfang investment delegation team released the industrial development direction and key cooperation projects of this Aviation Economic Zone and Pilot Free Trade Zone. Langfang Airport Economic Zone Development and Construction Co., Ltd. has signed strategic cooperation memorandums with Austrian HB Aviation International company which is specialized in designing and manufacturing general aircrafts and Netherlands Aircraft Company N.V. which is the former Dutch Fokker Aircraft Group.

At the same time, the guests and the investment delegation conducted extensive and in-depth docking exchanges, and stated that they would arrange a trip to Langfang for field investment inspections as soon as possible, and fully implement the cooperation results released by the investment invitation and project matchmaking conference.

In addition, following the principle of laying a good foundation for the development and construction of a well-structured Langfang International Airport Economic Zone, and realizing a comprehensive promotion of Langfang International Airport Economic Zone and a free trade pilot zone, and effective investment promotion, Jomec Group also successfully organized the following activities:

  • A field inspection of the operation status and supporting facilities of Dusseldorf Airport in Germany. Jomec Group assisted the Langfang delegation to absorb the advanced experience and practices of airport construction in developed countries;

  • A visit to the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) headquarter in Cologne, Germany. Mr. Frank Steffens, Head of EASA International Cooperation Department, Mr. Bas van der Weide, Technical Cooperation Officer of EASA International Cooperation, and Mr. Paul Hatton, Senior Project Certification Manager of Validation Process General Aviation of EASA Certification, had hosted the delegation and carried out an in-depth discussion on aviation technology innovation and professional fields in Langfang and practical cooperation in training;

  • A field visit to the Lufthansa Full Flight Simulator Training Center in Germany. Jomec assisted the Langfang delegation team to learn more about the development direction, investment scale, management method and business model of the FFS training center, and invited the senior training instructor of Lufthansa Pilot Training Center Rove Black to visit the Langfang Airport Economic Zone for information exchange and techinical guidance;

  • Pierre Bordeaux, former deputy mayor of Courbevoie, France, and professor of the University of Paris in France, introduced the investment opportunities and developing strategies of Charles de Gaulle Airport City in France to the Langfang delegation team, and conducted in-depth discussions on future development cooperation.


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