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The E-DECK Electric Aviation Industrial Park Project by Jomec Investment: Successfully Built, Approved, and Operational

After more than two years of relentless efforts, the E-DECK Electric Aviation Industrial Park project, led by Jomec Investment, has been successfully completed, approved, and is now operational. As the world’s first fully green energy aviation industrial park, the project received subsidies from the European Regional Development Fund. Located at Teuge International Airport in Gelderland, Eastern Netherlands, it is the world's first zero-emission new energy aviation demonstration area, integrating photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, and charging for electric aircraft and vehicles.


A 100% Zero-Emission Aviation Electrification Demonstration Park

The aviation industry has long been one of the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Without effective action, experts estimate that by 2050, the industry's contribution to global carbon emissions will increase from the current 2%-3% to 27%. In recent years, the aviation industry has faced increasing public pressure, particularly in Europe, with growing attention to the “flight shame” movement. Sustainable innovation and transformation in the aviation industry have become urgent. Jomec Investment believes that the electrification of airport infrastructure, ground activities, and the application of electric aircraft technology are key trends in creating a sustainable aviation industry. In 2022, Jomec Investment initiated the upgrade of the green ecosystem at the E-DECK Electric Aviation Industrial Park, making it the world’s first zero-emission green airport facility. Specifically, over 500 solar panels and multiple charging piles have been installed on and around the hangars, all connected to an Energy Storage System (ESS). The smart control system optimizes and distributes power supply to the buildings and charging piles, meeting the charging needs of electric aircraft, flight simulators, and electric vehicles. Jomec Investment also actively focuses on the development of related technologies for electric aircraft, attracting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and research institutions to engage in the park. Currently, several companies have signed up and are conducting research and development activities on various electric aviation technologies, such as noise reduction designs for electric aircraft propellers, high-endurance batteries, and virtual reality flight simulators, with regular testing at Teuge Airport.


Accelerating Innovation in the Electric Aviation Industry with the “Sharing Economy” Concept

To accelerate post-pandemic economic recovery and build a greener, more digital, and resilient EU, the European Commission launched the "Next Generation EU" recovery plan in 2021, worth up to 800 billion euros. The plan encourages the business community to invest in shared facilities, enabling SMEs to test, develop, and promote new ideas and products with ease. In response, Jomec Investment focused on developing and constructing shared facilities for electric aviation, integrating various sectors of the industrial park. To date, Jomec Investment has established an electric aviation industrial park, including E-Deck B.V., E-Flight Academy B.V., Hangar One B.V., NRG2FLY, and the Dutch Electric Aviation Center (DEAC), among others. The traditional hangar has been upgraded to a multifunctional space for shared offices, meetings, and trendy events, adding new possibilities beyond aircraft storage and maintenance. Additionally, Teuge Airport has become an ideal testing ground for SMEs and research institutions involved in electric aviation technology development. Shared resources and facilities effectively reduce R&D costs for companies, while shared spaces facilitate technical exchanges and brainstorming among researchers, fostering collaboration and innovation in electric aviation technology.


Expanding the Mature Model to the Netherlands and EU Countries

At the end of 2019, the European Commission released the "European Green Deal," a policy document addressing climate change, economic growth, and sustainable development. The EU commits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, striving for a 55% reduction (compared to 1990 levels) by 2030, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The aviation industry, a traditional carbon-intensive sector, is a key focus of the Green Deal and the carbon trading system, urgently needing an energy transition. The E-DECK Electric Aviation Industrial Park project at Teuge Airport, developed by Jomec Investment, is a replicable solution model. The project, centered on "zero carbon emissions" and "shared facilities" has accumulated valuable technology and experience in developing and building an electric aviation innovation ecosystem. It not only has a demonstration effect in the communities around Teuge Airport but also holds significant promotion value for the aviation industry in the Netherlands and globally.


Given the vast market demand and government guidance for green industries, Jomec Investment warmly invites companies and individuals passionate about the new energy industry to contact us and explore cooperation opportunities. For our shared green future, we look forward to your participation.


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