Investment Strategy


Future potential growth is the most important criteria for Jomec’s selection of targets. Such potential is embodied in whether a scale effect could be generated through the horizontal industrial integration and the expansion of Chinese market, and whether the industrial cycle balance and operation cost optimization could be achieved then.

As a professional investment team with both Chinese and European backgrounds, our strength lies in our ability to integrate overseas high-quality technology, brand and market resources, and to expand our business in China’s demanding market. Through overseas resources integration and Chinese market landing to achieve the organic growth of enterprise value. Our strategy mainly includes the following two points:

  • Screening, selecting, investing and supporting high-quality SME and projects in China, including the acquisition of core competencies, cutting-edge technologies, manufacturing capacity, brand and market share. We pay especially attention to the underestimated European companies;
  • The targets that can be interpreted into our existing industrial chain: through the integration we can bring the synergies and inject potentials for the improvement of performance and enterprise value.


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