Overseas IPO


As the pace of “China’s economic globalization” is accelerating, more and more Chinese enterprises are seeking overseas IPO. Compared with the domestic listing, the entry barrier and cost of overseas listing are relatively lower, and the examination and approval procedure is also simpler. Besides, the liquidity of the overseas stock market is comparably higher. Furthermore, the overseas listing can promote the restructuring and operational management and enhance the competitive advantages and reputation of the Chinese enterprises, thus build a solid foundation for the Chinese company to evolve into a multinational enterprise.

Jomec has maintained a close cooperation with the Euronext, Deutsche Börse and the London Stock Exchange (Euronext), especially works with Deutsche Börse for its China related business. As the overseas listing advisor for Chinese firms, our team of European and Chinese experts can provide our client a full spectrum service from the pre-IPO restructuring, till the completion of the IPO.


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