Post-Investment Management


The signing of the SPA is only the first step leads to a successful cross-border M&A transaction. Many China-related M&A has concluded failures in the post-M&A stage due to the vital conflicts among the shareholders and management. Through Jomec’s intensive experience in the post-investment management for various China-related M&A projects, we have deep insights into the reasons behind these conflicts and our team of professionals can help our clients to carefully manage the integration and management after the transaction, including internal governance structure, business integration, global business & market layout and Chinese market development, management and control, further industrial consolidation, and exit mechanism, as well as the staff management system, international tax planning risk control, and so on.

We can assist our client in the formation of M&A integration team and the implementation of integration and management plans, in order to realize the potential synergies of the deal in term of the actual improvement on the performance.


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