Greenfield Investment


Besides cross-border M&A and JV, Greenfield Investment has always been one of the major ways for large or multinational companies to perform overseas investment in the general ways of establishing a WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) or Sole Proprietorship Projects. Jomec is highly experienced in this field and capable of providing the following services:

  • Explore and recommend a variety of potential Greenfield Investment projects for our clients, taking advantage of our global business network and industry resource integration;
  • Our legal team can conduct a detailed study of the legal regulatory environment and legal risks of investment in the destination country, and generates a legal feasibility report;
  • Assist our client in investigating the relevant industry and market related to the investment project in destination country, generate investment business plans;
  • Help our client design optimal overseas investment framework and tax planning to maximize the benefit of our client;
  • Assist our client in the implementation of the investment framework, and the arrangement of personnel placement;
  • Assist our client in the selection and coordination of lawyers and other third party professionals;
  • Assist in the legal services related to project financing and insurance;
  • We may act as an independent director or supervisor of the local company when the Greenfield Investment is completed, in order to further serve our client in monitoring the financial position and the performance of the management.


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