Overseas resources and China reginal development


Although China has made remarkable achievements in economic development, there are still significant gaps in frontier technologies and management methods compared to the western countries. It is the only way for China to learn from the path of development of western countries, introduce the overseas resources and establish the modernized development mode of “Chinese value as the foundation and western essence as the reference”.

“Chinese value as the foundation” emphasizes on the geographical advantages, resources advantages and featured culture, which are the starting point and the foundation of reginal development. “Western essence as the reference” is the realization of the western advanced management system, the introduction of cutting-edge technology, to inject vitality into the development of the region. Under the initiative of “One Belt One Road”, more government institutions start to take a broader view to Europe, hoping to enhance their economic development and industrial transformation through the docking and effective use of overseas resources.

Global integration of resources has gradually become the way out for local economic growth. In this context, committed to local economic development needs and advantages of overseas industries and resources, we work closely with the domestic government institutions. We have established long-term cooperative relations with the Hebei Province and Shandong Province etc. to help the government:

  • To suggest for policies and strategies for regional development and industrial planning in a global perspective
  • Based on the government’s policy on industrial planning, relying on our own business network and resource base to find and contact high-quality overseas resources;
  • Reception of government representatives to visit Europe, and arrange key enterprises to receive the delegation;
  • To provide planning and advice for CEIBS business and capital cooperation

Through close cooperation with local governments and enterprises, we aim to help China’s regional development and transformation through the three aspects of “industrial complex”, “tourism town cluster” and “fusion of production and the city”.

Through years of efforts and exploration, our cooperation with the government is gradually mature and starts to bear fruits. Our current mature projects include “Dutch Characteristics of Small Town Project”, “Logistics Processing Port Project” “Aviation Industrial Park Project” “Flower Park Project” and so on.


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