Investment and intelligence Attraction and One Belt One Road


In the year of 2013, the Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed “Silk Road Economic Zone” and “the 21st century Maritime Silk Road” as a major initiative, which gains the attention from the mainstream media and the international communities. “One Belt One Road” traverses through the Eurasian continent, and is built to promote the common development of Asian and European countries to achieve common prosperity and cooperation to achieve a win-win situation, its significance lies in inter-state and regional resources docking and complementary advantages.

As both ends of the road, China and the European countries have broad prospects for cooperation. China has a huge potential consumer market, lower labor costs, excess capacity and ample foreign exchange reserves; the West has advanced technology reserves and management experience. We facilitate the “One Belt One Road” initiative to promote and coordinate the China-Europe cooperation in capital, business and technology to achieve win-win results. We have been designated as investment promotion representatives by Hebei Province and several municipal governments and investment promotion offices, and successfully helped the local government to realize investment promotion and talents attraction.

As China’s infrastructure continues to improve and the international talent pool is becoming more complete, an increasing number of European companies include the Chinese market into their future business planning. In response to the different interests and needs of European companies, we design, assist and advise on their approach to China in order to facilitate the successful introduction of overseas capital or technology.

“One Belt One Road” is not only the introduction of capital and technology. More importantly, it emphasizes on the geographical advantages and the regional synergies. By fully exploiting the advantages of Chinese production capacity and low-cost labor force, combined with European technical resources, the EU and China enterprises can form a community through a strategic cooperation or joint venture, and realize the project land in any part of the world. A good example of this is that we assisted Chinese-European joint ventures in energy industry to land and operate in the Arabian area.

Also, we serve Chinese enterprises to step out. We work closely with the Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of the Netherlands to regularly provide seminars to provide project information and investment suggestions for Chinese enterprises.


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