China Regional Development


With the accelerating urbanization progress, China is faced with a series of problems including the significant differences between urban and rural development, industry homogeneity, low vitality in small towns and big city malaise etc. In order to get rid of the dual structure of urban and rural development, solve the problematic urbanization, and follow the path of characteristic development, the most important thing is to seize the international trend and opportunities. By learning from the western urban development and introducing overseas resources, we can help the local government to plan the industrial structure and layout based on its geographical and resources advantages, to establish the industry complex with regional characteristics, and to develop sustainable competitive advantage.

Globalization requires not only the guidance of the local government, but also the active participation of the enterprises at a more micro level, as well as the support and cooperation of professional institutions. With both Chinese and Western education backgrounds and extensive overseas working experience, our professionals are presenting in China and Europe. We are specialized in bridging the West and China, whereby our clients are enabled to walk over cultural gaps and avoid pitfalls. Through 20 years of dedicated service, we have not only accumulated abundant professional knowledge and practical experience, but also established a large business network and resource base. Relying on our experience and resource advantages, we provide the government with international industrial strategic planning, regional development design, investment advisory, and other services.

With the continuous growth of the opportunities in China’s market and the trend of globalization with in-depth development, an increasing number of international companies choose to land in China. Based on the needs of regional development and industrial layout, we explore and maintain the high quality resources in the corresponding industries, and facilitate the introduction of overseas industrial resources via the form of joint venture, technology transfer or Public-Private Partnership (PPP).


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