Jomec is a leading independent investment bank for global China-related businesses. Our team consists of highly experienced financial and legal professionals with both Chinese and European educational and career experiences. Our services include:

  1. Cross-Border M&A

We are providing full-range and one-stop sell- and buy-side advisory services for Chinese company’s M&A activities in Europe, and European firm’s M&A transactions in China, starting from the design of the M&A strategy and transaction framework, identification of the transaction counter-parties, transaction negotiations and due diligence, till the execution of the deal and investment management.

  1. Fundraising

We are helping the qualified Chinese company to obtain the support of overseas funds in various financing channels including bank debt, equity investment, private placement and IPO in foreign exchanges. On the other hand, we are advising the European firms to obtain the Chinese strategic equity or debt investment from SOE, industrial funds, private companies, policy & commercial banks, and so on.

  1. China Regional Development

Jomec advises Chinese local governments to plan the industrial structure and layout based on geographical and resources advantages, and provides the services of international industrial strategic planning, regional development design, investment advisory etc. to facilitate the introduction of overseas industrial resources via the form of joint venture, technology transfer or Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

  1. International Investment Management

Jomec represents private or institutional investors from China to manage their funds, focuses on the investment and management for the portfolios in the industrial sectors of environmental protection, aviation, precision manufacturing, energy, and health care, which are achieving organic growth by Chinese market expansion, eventually bring excess returns for the fund investors.

  1. Legal, Financial and Tax services

With Chinese and Western education backgrounds and extensive living and working experience, our professionals are at home in China and Europe. So we are specialized in bridging the West and China, whereby our clients are enabled to walk over cultural gaps and avoid pitfalls. We are particularly experienced in tailoring and executing China-related business strategies, assisting cross-culture legal integration between Europe and China, establishing and managing government relations, and maintaining full legal compliance in China.


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