Sino-Dutch “the Belt and Road” Leiden business seminar

Beijing is the starting point of the “Belt and Road”, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands is the end of the “Belt and Road”. On June 22, the Sino-Dutch “the Belt and Road” Leiden business seminar was held in Holiday Inn Leiden, by Jomec Group and the Sino-Dutch “the Belt and Road” Development Center. The seminar focuses on how “the Belt and Road” between China and the Netherlands will promote the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and mobilize the Sino-Dutch knowledge and production capacity for the benefits of the two countries.

Speech by Zhang Guosheng, Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands

Dutch parliamentarian member Fannie gave a speech at the meeting

The Chinese and Dutch government officials and civil societies attending the meeting held extensive discussions on a few sensitive topics that they are currently exposed to in the “Belt and Road” economic and trade activities. The participants were enthusiastic and heated, and expressed enlightening views from different angles on how to promote “the Belt and Road” Initiative. The seminar was hosted by Guo Yufang, Chairman of Jomec Group.

Many Dutch business representatives delivered speeches at the meeting. Cabooter Europe-China Specialist Peter introduced the important role of the EU-China Specialist in the “Belt and Road”. Ms. Esther, a partner of Jomec, introduced the relevant legal issues and solutions for the “Belt and Road” European and Chinese companies. Mr. Maarten, the partner of Jomec, introduced the problems and solutions of the Sino-Dutch mergers and acquisitions in the “Belt and Road”. Director of the Municipal Development and Economics Agency, Henk, introduced the development and opportunities of the Dutch real estate industry. Jan Boone introduced the solutions for the Dutch renewable energy industry and China’s contribution to the renewable energy industry.

Two panel discussions were also held in the forum. The first focusing on political issues, while the other targets on business issues.


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