What are the challenges Chinese enterprises will face during the overseas Investments and M&A—German Magazine “Unternehmeredition” interviewed Yufang Guo, president of Jomec International

In March 2015, President of Jomec and Managing Partner of Clairfield International (China), Mr. Yufang Guo was invited to an interview with the famous German magazine ‘Entrepreneur (Unternehmeredition)’ regarding a series of topics related to the Chinese entrepreneur’s activity in overseas investment and M&A. The magazine ‘Entrepreneur’ is one of the most successful, influential and professional news platforms for small and middle enterprises in Germany. Its topics are mainly covering corporate finance, M&A and international expansion.

Mr. Yufang Guo has nearly 30 years of experience in China-Europe cross-border M&A, and insights towards the reasons behind the failures of various cross-border M&A cases. During the interview, he puts forward several opinions on the problems encountered by the Chinese entrepreneurs during the cross-border M&A, and furthermore his suggestions and expectations on China’s overseas M&A. He considers that the Chinese entrepreneurs are blind during the outbound investment. On the other hand either the foreign or Chinese advisor who serves the Chinese entrepreneur always fails to achieve its proper role mainly due to the business culture difference. Along with the deepening of China-EU trade and technical communication, the comprehensive strategic cooperation between Chinese and European enterprises shall be realized on a large scale, at this point only the team of advisors who can really play the role as a bridge in between are able to assist the Chinese enterprises to achieve successful M&A deals, and realize the maximum enterprise value during the post-merger integration.

The content of this interview has been published in the March 2015 issue of ‘Entrepreneur (Unternehmeredition)’

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