About us


Jomec is a leading independent investment bank for global China-related businesses. We provide comprehensive support and advisory services for corporate finance practice specializing in China-related M&A, capital-raising and IPO, strategic development, investment management, and introduction of European capitals and resources for China regional development. Our team consists of highly experienced financial and legal professionals with both Chinese and European educational and career experiences.

Jomec Means China-related Business
Jomec is created to accommodate the globalization of the Chinese economy in respect of China-outbound and –inbound strategic cooperation with the focus on M&A and investment management. Our key strength is to bridge the West and China, whereby our clients from both sides are enabled to walk over cultural gaps and avoid pitfalls through our tailed-made services, eventually seize the great opportunity of China’s global developments.

Jomec Possesses a Nationwide Guanxi Network in China
Jomec has an extensive guanxi network with the central, provincial and local Chinese governments, and business contacts in both private and public sectors to serve China-related M&A and corporate finance practices. We can provide solid support for our clients in their China-related activities and produce innovative China solutions that enable our clients to maximize their China business benefit at minimum cost.


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