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Jomec is created to accommodate the globalization of the Chinese economy in respect of legal and finance matters, for both China-outbound and China-inbound business transactions. With Chinese and Western education backgrounds and extensive living and working experience, our professionals are at home in China and Europe. So we are specialized in bridging the West and China, whereby our clients are enabled to walk over cultural gaps and avoid pitfalls. We are particularly experienced in tailoring and executing China-related business strategies, assisting cross-culture legal integration between Europe and China, establishing and managing government relations, and maintaining full legal compliance in China.

Thanks to the superior contribution of the team, Jomec International lawyers earned the prize as the best niche law firm in the Netherlands in 2007, which is the highest award for the professional lawyers.

Jomec has an extensive Guanxi network with the central, provincial and local Chinese governments. With a thorough understanding of China’s domestic and international priorities, we are able to judge the feasibility of any contemplated China business, make the necessary adjustments, and engineer a turnaround of a China business impasse in certain situations. In short, we produce China solutions that enable our clients to maximize their China business benefit at minimum costs.


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