Overseas strategic financing


The strategic cooperation between Western and Chinese enterprises, mainly in term of cross-border M&A, has been proved to be a driving factor of growth in the recent years, leading to the obvious synergies in the integration of international capital, technologies and markets. Jomec is specialized in providing full range advisory services for either side to introduce the strategic investor from the other side, beyond the standard service content, we are especially sophisticated in helping our client to overcome the obstacles and gaps in business culture, values, and regulations.

Taking the advantage of our experienced team of Chinese and Western professionals, we can act as the overseas strategic financing advisors for either Western or Chinese enterprise, and provide the following services:

  • Design the tailor-made path and program of cross-border strategic financing, according to our client’s operational situation and development strategy;
  • Introduce overseas strategic investors for our client and accompany our client to complete investigation and preliminary negotiations;
  • Prepare a financing process in strict compliance with international or Chinese standards for our client. If necessary, design a bidding process. We can help our client in preparation of relevant financing documentation and establishment of online database (Dataroom);
  • Coordinate due diligence for our client, participate in and assist our client in negotiating prices and related conditions, and regulatory approvals;
  • Provide overseas legal support and the relevant SPA contract;
  • Help our client to complete the transaction.


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