Along with the trend of China’s economic globalization, the integration of international and Chinese capitals has been greatly promoted. In this background, Chinese enterprises are raising fund from international capital market to finance its growth in both Chinese and international markets, while the western companies are seeking for the “hot money” in China to finance their China-related projects or purchase their assets/equity. This implies that the international and Chinese capitals are in the process of integration, actively and continuously entering each other’s market to hunt for valuable resources.

As the professional fundraising advisory institution in Europe, on one hand, Jomec is helping the qualified Chinese company to obtain the support of overseas funds in various financing channels including bank debt, equity investment, private placement and IPO in foreign exchanges. On the other hand, we are advising the European firms to obtain the Chinese strategic equity or debt investment from State-owned enterprises, industrial funds, private companies, policy & commercial banks, and so on.


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