Investment Portfolios

Dedicated to the equity investment area for decades in Europe, Jomec represents private or institutional investors from China to manage their funds, using mature international capital structure, professional investment philosophy, and management methods. Jomec focuses on the industrial sectors of environmental protection, aviation, precision manufacturing, energy, and health care. Through screening and investment, Jomec is able to support high-quality small and medium enterprises in Europe, and realize their organic growth by Chinese market expansion, eventually bring excess returns for the fund investors.

Jomec participates in the equity investment in more than 20 European companies, with the annual turnover over 100 million euros and the number of employees more than 500. The core members of the portfolio are IAS (the largest aviation maintenance, airworthiness management, aviation material distribution, pilots and technicians training and full flight simulator manufacturing company), SKB & Sneep Group (Europe’s leading manufacturer in precision machinery, metal cutting, precision instrument, pipeline and valve etc.), Bouman Group (Europe’s leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly equipment, industrial exhaust treatment and water treatment companies), TSR (Europe’s leading manufacturer of custom trailers), and so on.



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