The experts of Jomec team have begun to help Chinese enterprises to develop European business since the early 1990s. We have accompanied Chinese enterprises pass through several different stages in developing their overseas business. We have also designed and developed solutions for specific issues in each stage for the overseas business development. Not all of our clients are listed here, but we provide a number of famous names. In addition to the following Chinese clients such as COSCO Group, Guangming Group, China Southern Airlines, Lenovo, BYD, Haier, China Certification & Inspection Group, Europe China Power, China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group, CRRC, Kangdexin, New Ankai Drive, Ninestar, Tasly, Ecogreen, Woodpecker Underground Pipeline Inspection Co., LTD, Huatong Piping, Jiaheshengde, Fendy Technology and SICC Group, our clients also include European companies such as Fokker, VMI Group, LM Wind Power, Bayer Group, Royal IHC, Bode AG, RüTLI Burner, Belgium Massive, Belgium Option N.V., Rijk Zwaan Nederland B.V., St Anne Foods, Tobroco Machines, Sanquin blood supply, Pipesurvey International, Euronext, Deutsche Börse Group and other world-class multinational companies and institutions.




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24/06/2018Chengdu Dutch Village Project Match-making MeetingOn 25th Jan 2018, Jomec group and Baifang Agriculture jointly held the Chengdu Dutch Village...

Jomec’s Journal 2016 Q4